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To know and understand me and why I do what I do, you have to know my Dad: a race car driving, movie making, haunted house building, fearless and loving family man.



how + why I do what I do

To understand why I do what I do, you have to know my Dad.

Growing up, I was his little sidekick- running errands all over town, jamming out to rock music, him telling fantastical stories from his life, and sharing a box of Nilla Wafers. My dad: a race car driving, movie making, haunted house building family man. He is both the most loving father and absolutely wild SOB all at the same time. He imprinted upon me that if you set your heart on a dream, you can achieve anything, no matter how testing life can be or what anyone else thinks. His fearless approach to going after and achieving his aspirations inspired me to do the same in my career.

My mom was always out doing everything she could to support three growing girls and never let life get her down. No matter what, she reminded me that nothing is ever insurmountable. and was always there to pick me up when I was down. He + my mom were, still are, and will always be my idols.

As a kid, I wanted to travel the world. As a young adult, I wanted to make movies, take photos and tell stories. Today, I do all of the above. I am so deeply inspired by the world and the people around me. I believe life is all about being present in the moment and growing from every experience that comes along the way. Photography gives me an outlet to process everything life has to offer: the beautiful, the melancholy, the harsh, and the inspiring. I capture the unforgettable; even if a photo doesn't mean something to me today, in 3 years, it might mean everything. The creative reflection that photography brings is what amazes me every day about this job. It's not only artistic, but it's incredibly profound. I never stop learning from and admiring the world around me, and that's why I'm in love with what I do. Best of all, I get to tell the stories of all of your most unforgettable moments and learn with each and every one of you.

Short + sweet:

I'm a robust + sentimental Emmy-winning filmmaker and photographer with a love for homecooked food and Coffeebar coffee. I spend a lot of my free time going on long hikes with incredible views at the end and cuddling my curious cat + beloved boyfriend.

SO WELCOME TO THE PARTY! Let's get creative and do this damn thing.

Let's adventure

Let's adventure