Kellie Sasso

7 Travel Booking Tips!

Kellie Sasso
7 Travel Booking Tips!

Barcelona or Bust!

FINALLY!! I had my first international adventure, and I got to do it with some of my best friends! Spain has always been my number one place I wanted to visit ever since I was taking Spanish classes in high school. I had high hopes for this trip, and I was honestly scared that it travelling wouldn't be as magical as I always dreamed. IT WAS. Being there with some of my closest friends, knowing enough of the language to not feel lost, and truly taking advantage of every minute we had there was key to why this trip was so incredible. I had an amazing time and I cant suggest more for anyone thinking of traveling to Barcelona or traveling in general to just do it!! It was so much easier to plan this trip and book it than I ever thought. I'll give you some tips and tricks for this below!! Anyhoo, here are some photos from our first morning in BCN. We stayed up all night and walked to the beach to see the sunrise. It was so stunning!! Enjoy xo



1. Follow some kind of flight tracking service. I use Pomelo for mine, they send emails of cheap flights to awesome destinations all over the world. You can jump on them as soon as you get the email!

2. Break up your flights! I learned this from Aspyn Ovard. She also has a few travel hack videos which helped me out a ton when taking this trip! I highly suggest you check her youtube out here: Aspyn. You can always book a flight from Oakland (your nearest big airport) to London, then London to anywhere in Europe for super cheap! Usually ends up around 800$ instead of the thousands if you booked just one flight! Also book ahead of your trip by a couple months as usually prices are cheaper if you're early to the game. (Also check in to your flights online 24 hours before your flight to save the hassle at the airport!)

3. Use public transportation! We used the metro system and bus system in Barcelona and it was so much fun! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed taking public transport. Usually in other countries public transport is nicer and more convenient than in America. If you're going to Barcelona, get familiar with the metro map and buy a T-10, which is 10 journeys for 10 Euro or a "30 Journeys" card. Also taking a train to near cities to get out of Barcelona is also really cheap. We took a train to Sitges for only 4 Euro and it was so much fun! You can also take Uber when you're in a pinch. We took uber on nights we went out to nightclubs and once when it was really rainy outside. 

5. Pack light! Traveling internationally, airlines can be big sticklers about carry ons and how many bags you bring on the plane. Make sure you follow the guidelines of whatever airline you choose and leave some extra space in your suitcase for bringing home gifts and stuff you buy. I used packing cubes, which i'm sure you've heard of, to keep everything compact and organized. I got mine from Walmart but you can get yours anywhere, here are some from amazon: packing cubes.

 6. Use airbnb and travel with a few friends! We bought a super sweet airbnb for the week and split it up between the four of us which made it SO MUCH CHEAPER. It was only 250$ per person per week in our lovely BCN apartment. Also, you get to feel like you live there by staying in a living space from a local. We had the most beautiful balcony and it was awesome. We missed our flight home and found an airbnb for 50$ a night the last days we were there and needed a place to stay in an emergency. Be sure to check your airbnb is in a safe neighborhood too.

7. Do your research! Make sure you have copies of everyones passports, know where your nearest country's embassy is, know the local language and how to call emergency services, etc. Assure your passport is renewed and you have a visa if you need one. Check for travel advisories and health advisories for your country here: Health Advisories & Travel Advisories.

Stay tuned for upcoming Barcelona travel related posts! I can't wait to share all the images with you! 

stay sassy!! - sasso