Kellie Sasso

My 2018 Resolutions

Kellie Sasso
My 2018 Resolutions

Happy 2018 to all of you!!

I'm so grateful for the past year and for all of you who enjoy my blogs and photos, it means the world to me. I wish everyone the most fulfilling year full of growth, love & laughter.

This January 1st, I got to ring in this new year with all of my best friends by my side and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Last year I accomplished 6/8 of my new years resolutions and it made me feel so empowered when I could look back and realize how much I had done. 

In 2019 I want to look back at this blog post and be able to reflect the same way. :)

Here's some things I want to incorporate more into my life this year...

1. Consume less, create more. This one is obvious and so important.

2. Consume more informative and intentionally. Watch more informative videos on youtube, The Financial Diet is a great channel. Also reading more books and studying deeper into history and things I have interest in. Less shoving my nose deep into instagram for hours. It hurts my creative inner workings.

3. Worry less, do more! Just say yes, and just do it. It may seem cliché, but remember clichés were created because they are so true and relevant. Maybe we shouldn't push them away so much and actually learn from them ;)

4. Be more present. I know that I have so much to be grateful for. I want to be more present when spending time doing what I love, being young and having a healthy body, spending quality time in my life and with my family and friends. Just like Iron Maiden sang, we need to realize we're living in the golden years.

5. Give more!! I love this one, because giving is so so important. Give your time, your wisdom, your ear, your hand, a compliment.. Just in general give more to anyone and everyone. Giving will never not make you feel amazing.

6. Smile more. :) (Are you seeing a theme here? MORE MORE MORE) Did you know that smiling even when you feel sad actually releases good feelings into your body and can genuinely make you feel better? Smiling also gives a really good impression and vibe to others around you. It's contagious!!

7. Watch more Netflix. Okay I know this seems weird and contradictory to my first resolution, but there are some amazing documentaries and shows that I feel are so educational and relevant or just inspiring that I could take a lot away from.

8. Reach my fitness goals. I've been feeling and doing really good in my fitness journey and I know this is my year that I get to my goals!!

9. Learn guitar!! I've been putting this off so much, but it is something I really want to do this year. I want to at least know the basics of playing and be able to play one song. ;)

10. Save money. This is something I can finally do now that I have all of my main camera gear bought and paid off. I need need need to start saving more and be more responsible when buying food. ( I eat out way too much.. )

Thanks for chugging along this journey with me!! I love you all <3

Enjoy the photos from the 2017 New Year Celebration at Heavenly Village, Lake Tahoe. :)

Heavenly Village, Lake Tahoe, CA