Kellie Sasso

Aquariums, Beaches & Fireworks

Kellie Sasso
Aquariums, Beaches & Fireworks

fishy fishy 🐠

I'm so excited to finally share these photos with you all! I'm home now from our Texas adventure but I still have to catch up on all the crazy activities from the trip. While we were in Rockport, we took trips to Corpus Christi to visit the beach, go fishing, and see the Texas State Aquarium. On the fourth of July we hung out at my uncle's beach house and got to see the fireworks by the water, it was gorgeous! We had so much fun, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.. 😜

padre island national seashore

I got so sunburned on this day, it left me completely cranky and unable to go anywhere for the next 2-3 days.. Even though I applied sunscreen multiple times and stayed in the shade the majority of the day.. 😔 We went boogie boarding with my dad though and had a ton of fun otherwise! Boogie boarding is my new favorite thing to do at the beach, someday I really want to learn to surf. 🤙


The nights (or early mornings) we were able to go fishing, we went all out! This evening that I photographed was such a chill night. We got to the pier around sunset completely soaked in bug spray, (yes, we were prepared this time) and we stayed there until close to 1am before my mom finally called it quits. My mom is a fishaholic!! She is obsessed with fishing. We spent most of the night standing still, gripping our poles, and hoping to catch something. I tried taking some starry night photos, (my favorite) but instead I encountered roadblocks of humidity, clouds, and wind. Unfortunately none of those photos turned out great.. but hey things aren't always perfect. I enjoyed the night relaxing on the water with my family. I miss the breeze and the sound of the waves right now. 

texas state aquarium, corpus christi

Even the aquariums are bigger in Texas..

Theres so much that I could say about this day, but it would be a novel. The aquarium was so big and we spent the entire day there, and stayed until they closed the doors. We got to touch jellyfish, watch a 4D movie about sharks, touch sting rays (my favorite ocean creature) and see the most friendly octopus ever!! Overall it was an incredible day. My shoes are from Walmart actually, because I have huge feet and they actually have my size in cute sandals. (Size 12 squad tips.) My shirt and choker are from AE and my purse is from Sears! Being at this aquarium makes me so really want to go see the Monterrey Bay Aquarium in California.. (hint hint) ✨

Thanks for being patient with all of my blog posts, now that I'm back home I've had to take care of things and get back in the groove. I still have one more TX post to share where we go tour some of Houston, see some museums and the famous water wall! Can't wait for that 💕

I'll finish this post right with some July fourth fireworks.. ;) Enjoy ~ks