Kellie Sasso

Rockport Beach House!

Kellie Sasso
Rockport Beach House!


There are a few things I look forward to every year when we take a trip to Texas... Family, big cities, beaches, and Bucees! On our annual drive to the beach house in Rockport, TX we stopped at a Bucees store in Wharton. If you don't know what Bucees are, its a chain of stores that usually have a huge gas station. They have amazing branding, snacks, shirts, and fun knick knacks.

The cake balls, the kolaches and the t-shirts are my must haves. 

Blue Bell

Take it from me, this is the best ice cream in the whole world. They only sell it in specific states so when I come to Texas I always get my hands on some😋

When we got into Rockport we spent some time with my favorite uncle, Uncle Tommy! He owns the beach house we were staying at. We got dinner at a cute beachy restaurant on the pier, and I got a fried shrimp poboy sandwich. (It was the first time I had ever had a poboy and 'twas delicious. 10/10👍) I also didn't get a photo of it because I ate it so fast... But we stopped at a small gift shop afterwards and my cousin Asia and I got matching hats. So cute!! {Hats are my favorite!}

Anyways, the house is gorgeous and the area is so lush.🌴


^my daddy🤗

The next day, Ricky went on a fishing trip with my mom and my uncle Tommy,  and so my cousin Asia and I hung out with our Aunt Janet. (Uncle Tommy's wife.) She rented a golf cart and drove us to get pedicures and lunch at a cafe called Route 35. I got a pulled pork sandwich and it was sooo good! When we got back we hung out by the water and took some pictures. I also got about 22 mosquito bites. (see if you can spot some on my legs) 😂😩

My glasses are from Urban Outfitters, my shirts are from American eagle, and my shorts are hand me downs from my family. 🌺 Not sure where Asia's clothes are from..

We've been having so much fun, and we're so grateful for family, sun, and bug spray 😂

Stay tuned for more posts ..✨