Kellie Sasso

Christmas Captures

Kellie Sasso
Christmas Captures

The First Snowfall

I woke up at 7am this morning to an unexpected sight outside my window, a snow storm!! This fall/winter season in Reno has been much warmer than the previous ones. Last year we probably already had about 6 inches of snow by Thanksgiving on the valley floor! The weather recently has been pretty warm so when I looked out to see a fresh layer of powder I was shocked - AND I had a shoot scheduled at 8am! We waited a little longer before we decided to head out, but when we did I was so glad we stuck through the cold.

The photos came out amazing!!


Meet the Malkins

This awesome & sweet family stuck it out through the cold and were total troopers! With lots of cookie bribery and bundles of blankets we got through the day. ðŸ˜‰ How cute are they?!

Rachel and Brian made everything so easy and are such good spirited people, which made the whole morning even more fun. ❤️

idewild park, Reno, nv

The cold never bothered us anyway?

Haha, kidding. It was getting hard to feel the buttons on my camera and the kiddos had really had enough of the freezing cold. Luckily, Rachel had an idea to bring the shoot into their home and take some photos in front of their brand new REAL 12 foot tree! We got some string lights out and started tree decorating together listening to Michael Bublé! I was in heaven honestly, and I was able to capture the sweetest moments.

Happy      Holidays!! 🎄

- Sassy Sasso